MGA | 1600 GT | Mk II | 1961

This MGA is a sports car produced by MG division of the British Motor Corporation from 1955 to 1962.MGA | 1600 GT | Mk II | 1961 - 1The MGA replaced the MG TF 1500 Midget and represented a complete styling break from MG’s earlier sports cars. It was announced to the world on 26 September 1955.

The car was officially launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A total of 101,081 units were sold through the end of production in July 1962, the vast majority of which were exported.
Only 5869 cars were sold on the home market, the highest export percentage of any British car. It was replaced by the MGB.MGA | 1600 GT | Mk II | 1961 - 3

This car is a 1961 Mark II MGA. The engine size in this particular version was increased to 1622 cc by increasing the bore from 75.4 mm (2.97 in) to 76.2 mm (3.00 in). The cylinder head was also revised with larger valves and re-engineered combustion chambers. Horsepower increased to 90 bhp. It also had a higher ratio 4:1 rear axle, which made for more relaxed high-speed driving. MGA | 1600 GT | Mk II | 1961 - 2An inset grille and Morris Mini tail lamps appearing horizontally below the deck lid were the most obvious visual changes. 8,198 Mark II roadsters and 521 coupés were built.

Road & Track magazine reviewed the MG A 1600 Mark II in the September 1961 issue and reported an estimated top speed of 105 mph and a 0-60 acceleration of 12.8 seconds.MGA | 1600 GT | Mk II | 1961 - 4

This examples engine was rebuilt in the 1990s; the paintwork is very bright and in good condition and the interior was re-upholstered about ten years ago. The car is believed to have never been fully restored, but largely maintained and cherished. The result is a highly useable example that will draw crowds wherever it goes.

Chassis no. GHD2/102395 Engine no. 2228