R to RSR Complete Brake Kit

R to RSR 6 Pot Hi Performance complete brake kit for pre-1968 SWB cars

Kit includes
2 x 6 pot hi performance front calipers
2 x 4 pot hi performance rear calipers
2 x vented rear discs
2 x vented/grooved front discs
2 x front disc bells
1 set (4) braided brake hoses
EBC yellow front brake pads
EBC yellow rear brake pads
Fitting Kit Included
150ml tin aerosol brake cleaner
1 Sachet of anti-seize paste

RSR-FBK-911 porsche

RSR-FBK-911-2front wheel brake kit 911

Strut Brace

R-RSRA weld in strut brace as used by the factory on their early competition cars.

Supplied complete with all hardware and fitting instructions.

RSR Anti Roll Bar kit


R TO RSR is now able to offer a perfect reproduction of the RSR Anti Roll Bars used on the 2.8 and 3.0RSR’s.

These kits are available with either 20mm or 22mm bars and are supplied complete with all bushings, drop-links and hardware required.

Price – £950.00 a set (front and rear)





911Cibie Pallas lamps


Cibie Pallas driving lamps were used on Porsche factory cars for many years.

With usable original examples very hard to find these reproduction lamps from R TO RSR finally offer an alternative.

Exact in every detail they are supplied complete with mounting brackets and gaskets.


911Heated front windscreen


We now have available heated front screens for 911’s.

These screens are a twin element design and carry all the necessary accreditations.

They are currently available in clear only however a top tint screen will be available shortly.

911 Lexan window kits


This 7 peice kit is now available for all 911’s.

The rear screens are thermo-formed for a perfect fit. 3mm – 4mm or 5mm glass is offered.

Priced from – £304.00

911 Front Hubs


At last we now have an option for those corroded old front hubs!

These beautiful cnc machined hubs are a direct bolt on replacement part and take a std 911 disc.

The hubs are machined from 6082T6 billet before being shot peened and hard anodised for a super durable finish.

A 930 front hub replacement will be available shortly.

6 pot High Performance brake calipers


Exclusive to R TO RSR, these high performance brake calipers offer a fantastic brake upgrade over stock items.

The best news is that these 6 pot front and 4 pot rear calipers allow you to still run your stock 15″ rims!!

These cnc machined calipers are tried and tested and look very period with a shot peened and hard anodised finish.

The calipers are available for 1964 cars onwards and we can offer different disc width options depending on intended usage.

Please enquire for further information.

Price – £1250.00 a set of four not including pads.


917/RSR Endurance brake calipers


R TO RSR is now able to offer an exact reproduction of the original 917 calliper.

These callipers are not to be confused with other look-a-likes on the market!

They are cast in the same foundry as the originals from the same material and utilise the original 38 & 43mm piston sizes.




901 Speedshop | Porsche 911 Competition baffled oil tanks


This tank is designed to be a fit, form and functional improved replacement for the std 911 dry sump tank.

Standard hose connections as in the original tank configuration and a billet filter mount in the same location as the std tank.

Supplied with adapters to accommodate various styles of filters IE: Fram HP-1. Red Anodized is standard however other colour choices are available for a small charge.

This is the racing version which does not have the Filter mounting on the tank. It has -16 fittings or -12 fittings which can be designated when placing the order.

This tank will mount as a standard replacement for the 911. Red Anodized is standard however other colour choices are available for a small charge.